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Dam:  Sujo Wintersun Just-A-Cutie, CGC (see Jacy)

Sire:  UKC GR. CH. Sujo’s Ajax’ Rambo, OFA (see Rambo)


Keyta-Best of Winners

Keyta was a spunky, energetic, extremely intelligent girl, with an unwavering temperament, love of people, and a "look at me" attitude. She had a thick coat, gorgeous expression, and proportionate structure with outstanding reach and drive.  She really moved out!

After very limited showing, Keyta finished her AKC Championship in October 1998 with Best of Breed over several specials for a 5-point major, and Best of Winners the following day.  She then began training for Agility competition, and finished both Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers titles in September 2001, all legs with placements ~ three 1st, three 2nd and one 3rd (yes, we got an extra one).  She clearly thought she was born for Agility!

And we said we were going to get serious about showing in UKC so she could finish her UKC Championship - well, I guess you could say we got serious even though we only went to one show!  We went to the 2001 Fall Nationals in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and she won Best Female at the Nationals and at one of the Kandu American Eskimo Dog Association's shows that weekend to finish her Championship!  

Fly Doggie, Fly!

I have no ears!  (But look at me single-track)

I like to JUMP!

Keyta was accepted as a Delta Society Pet Partner® (therapy dog), and during her testing showed an innate ability to elicit a response from people.  During her ATTS Temperament Test, she exhibited a very stable, attentive and confident temperament, just like she did at home with the other dogs.

She was very encouraging, and rather tenacious.  Nothing phased her.  One of her first times in the show ring as a puppy was a very rainy day…we were standing under the tent waiting to go in the ring, when suddenly the tent, which had pooled with water, dumped its contents on Keyta’s head.  She shook it off nonchalantly and went into the ring happy as could be.  She won her class.

Keyta passed away on October 23, 2010 from complications after a very intricate surgery involving her gallbladder.  She was just like a puppy until 4 days after her 14th birthday, when she began to get sick.  Before that she could still jump up to my chest from a standstill, and she surely taught granddaughter Vina how to jump on the bed and steal things.  We miss her terribly.  She was the gentle matron leader of the brood here, and helped keep the peace with nothing more than her confident presence between any scuffle.  She was the first puppy I ever bred, and was born right into my hands, and was my "heart dog" ever since.  She will always be remembered for the very special soul she was.

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Best of Breed - 5pt Major

Best of Breed - 5pt major


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